Monday, Club 520

April 14, 2011

This was nearly a mammoth entry that would have stretched on forever filled with various nightlife photos taken over the last few months, but I’ve just uploaded (poorly edited small jpegs) from monday night at club 520 in Glasgow instead. Might have got boring otherwise.Slideshow is small, but saves time and goes better with the photos.

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March 24, 2011

Okay. Not had my camera for about 10 months after it broke when I was in Berlin last summer. Thanks to all who have loaned me cameras over the last year, I would buy you all spa weekends in thanks if I had any money. My camera is due back on friday, so will start posting once more soon after, hopefully with new zest etc etc.

Here’s a random pile of stuff taken on said borrowed cameras from last year and this year. I have a bunch more nonsense scattered around hard disks, memory cards, films and whatever else, so those will go up at some point…but it’s been good taking a break from having a camera 24/7, even if I never thought that was possible before. Thanks if this blog still shows in yr RSS’s/you haven’t given up checking it.

I don’t really have the time to write for all the photos, but this is one of the only photo’s taken in Berlin that I actually liked. The rest of this entry is mainly friends and photoshoots…


Thanks for looking….


Not much.

July 5, 2010

Finally some better weather in Glasgow..

The walkway between my street and the botanic gardens.

Wounded Knee playing on the Glasgow University campus a couple of months back.

A man in the audience that night.

The cat that comes and goes.

Boots before a clean.

In the living room one night.

The Second Hand Marching Band playing a set through the streets of Govanhill as part of the festival there.

Sean, and Benzo with his bar tab.

George, with a meal, who I’ll be visiting in Berlin next week. (let me know some good places to go if you know any and are reading this)

Playing guitar in the kitchen.

Went over to Rothesay for a wedding. My 35mm is still broken, so when I can’t borrow one I’ve been shooting 50mm and 85mm more. Hmm.

Some crazy tree at the venue.

Benzo again, adjusting.

A cinecamera was floating around.

Benzo again, being animated.

Sitting by the canal.

Some people and a dog came round at the start of summer.

Autoharping in the garden.

First day on the hill at KG park.

Later that night at the 13th note.

DJ’ing at the soundhaus again. square cropping digital=not sure

Went back to Ross’ place for a party after their set.

World cup fever in the garden

Driving back to the west end.

Holy Mountain closed the two day Halt Bar Hi-jack a few weeks ago.

Hanging about outside wondering what to do.

Impromptu portait taking in the garden.

A few of us went down to London for a few days last week and stayed for a few nights.

Krispy Kreme.

Hopefully won’t be as long til the next one..

- H


April 20, 2010

Much less taking pictures in the last couple of months, due to one of my hard disks nearly dying and then running out of memory cards. My 35mm lens is totally broken at the moment, so I’ve been borrowing Jonathan’s 28mm, and shooting 50 more often. Plus side to this is that I’ve been looking at a lot more photography online, in books etc, and watching more films. Anyway, here is a jumbled mess of photos from the last month strung together in as best chronology as I can manage. Please excuse all the different borders/editing.

The cat who occasionally comes in the window every now and then.

Spotting Gedi across the street while walking about the west-end.

Oh, and again. Okay no more cat photos.

The Second Hand Marching Band were playing/filming a video down at the GoMA. It was cold!

I forgot about this one. Maybe I should just put a cat photo between every photo from now on.

Jonathan playing guitar on my bed.

Shopping at Lidl’s.

At a training day at work..

Suzie was helping out at the print auction her class was holding down at the new-ish Transmission/Street Level gallery.

Taking some pictures while some friends had their first resident night at the Soundhaus.

And at their flat afterwards..

More of Jonathan playing guitar.

Just liked the light and colour here.

Down at the Barras one Sunday. Not sure if I like the flare here or not.

Lindsay and her flatmates threw a party one night, busy living room..!

Why? played Stereo last month, which was brilliant. Their drummer Josiah Wolf opened for them.

These are from back in February, when Alistair (sitting on floor) had a birthday party where a few bands played (if you want to watch videos from the night, there’s some of R.M. Hubbert here and Alastair Roberts here)

Smoking in the kitchen.

Different drinks.

Golden Ghost played to finish the evening.

Coming back from the Chinese Supermarket. We are finally getting to see the sun recently.

Walking into town last week.

At a 13-band gig at a rehearsal studio building last weekend. This guy was playing piano out in the hall.

It was almost too dark to photograph anything.

Been trying to re-edit some older photos. Still not looking perfect, but closer than before. Taken while photographing bike polo last summer.

Cornwall last year.

Some photos from New York last year that I missed first time around.

(Dan somewhere in Brooklyn the day I bought the shoes which are now falling apart around my feet)

Thanks for reading if you did.


January 19, 2010

Not since October, wow. This will be the first entry from my new place, now living in the west-end of Glasgow, which is dead nice. Have not been shooting a lot of ‘personal’ stuff recently, and what I have has mostly been rubbish. Been trying to get more out of RAW, so excuse the multiple inconsistences throughout. I really need some L glass, the quality difference is agonizing and really bugging me.

So, back in October. This canal outside Jenn’s froze solid recently. People cycled and walked up and down it.

Sitting at Jenn’s window.

Making an attempt at doing more street photography.

Liked this one.

New gallery/darkrooms/etc place down in the Trongate.

Argyle Street.

Went to Loch Lomond one day. Just liked the colours here I think.

Keith playing piano in John’s room one saturday.

Before fish and chips in O’Neils an afternoon last october/november.

At the Elliott Smith tribute gig in Mono.

Second Hand Marching Band played a gig at the Art School one night, with some other great bands. Had a ‘surround sound’ set up, which was dead loud.

Drummer from Holy Mountain, who I saw again last night and who were tremendous.

Tiny gig in the penthouse suite of the Brunswick hotel. Thanks to John for loaning the money to get into his own gig. This is Scott frae frightened rabbit.

I went along to Niall’s bands rehearsal one night.

In Universal for Lucy’s birthday/leaving party thing. Been shooting 50mm recently, for a change and because I just destroyed my 35/2.

Kasia and Alison’s Flat in the west end.

Fireworks night from a rooftop down in the new Gorbals.

This guy was in a ‘fighting with cars’ mood, and later tried to fight my car for a good 20 minutes. We got the police on him, haha.

Jenn in a skip.

Mr. Peppermint at Stereo and some ‘experimental’ raw over-editing.

John playing with Monoganon the same night.

We had money and went to eat at Wagamama’s for the first time in a while.

Then I went to see Second Hand Marching Band at the Flying Duck, with only the 85/1.8 with me in a tiny venue…

A shot from some of the work I’ve been doing recently.

Jenn’s gerbils. Note rubbish colour/contrast/detail from non-L lens. Boo.


Jenn gave me an autoharp for my birthday which was brilliant.

The same walk back from work at night. And yes, it is boring.

Bart during our work night out at an Indian place.

A shot with the Ricoh GR100 of all things.

Somewhere in England at 4.30am.

Somewhere in England around afternoon time.

An Uncle on Christmas Day.

Took some photographs of Kasia in the Chinese Gardens.

Benni Hemm HEmm in the 13th Note last week.

A shot from a shoot up in Strathaven. Taken with jonathan’s 28-70L. Detail! Contrast!

Jonathan in my new room, a few nights ago.

- H

Blackpool at Night.

October 18, 2009


This is actually Glasgow, but I’ll be doing this chronologically!


This is Blackpool. Jonathan and I decided to drive down on a saturday night last month and surprise linda.





Full view needed.


In Linda’s flat.


Now follow some photos taken in Blackpool, at night.


Walking down to the centre.


















Some non-blackpool stuff over the next few days.

- H

Bits and bobs.

October 16, 2009

Thought I’d put something new up. No structure here, sorry.


For a jewellery company I worked with.


Walking around last month.


Just for fun. As predicted, this got more views than normal on flickr. Haha…



The morning we went for a walk around the park next to me.


In Glasgow.



Then we went on a spur-of-the-moment trip to Blackpool to say goodbye to Linda, who was leaving Glasgow at the end of summer. I asked this guy if I could photograph him with his dogs, but he seemed pretty suspicious/thought I was a weirdo.


I really badly underexposed this. And the editing is pretty horrible but I don’t think it’s worth fixing.



A test shoot with Rebecca.


We took a bus to Inverness so Jenn could buy a car. I was too lazy/stupid to take off the filter here I think. But the dog has some nice flare going on.

More soon, probably.


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